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About Us

A brand built with passion, fashion and affordability in mind. We strive to create feel good clothing for every day. Our clothes are designed in the UK and manufactured in our own factory in Bangladesh.

Our story is one of sisterhood, passion and support. Our brand vision is promoting individuality and making our dresses inclusive for all. We believe every individual has their own journey and our clothes should make you feel an embodiment of excitement and happiness. We created our brand with the vision to create unique pieces with a special design element in each dress, because why shouldn’t every piece you wear be unique and made with the most excellent techniques and design in mind. Life is too short not to get excited dressing up everyday! That is also why one of the key element of our brand is to make sure its price point is always inclusive to all women. 

The relationship with our amazing team in Bangladesh comes from our experiences on seeing how terrible workers can be treated when companies put pressure on them to create large scale fast fashion orders. We felt that things can always be done just and fairly. This compelled us to start our own small scale factory where women's needs were at the forefront. Women should always have a choice and be heard, because ultimately every women has different needs and struggles. We hire women and listen to their needs first and subsequently work with them to create a work life balance coupled with fair pay so that no one should need to sacrifice on anything. Your support of our brand is helping us to continue and showing that it can be done differently.  

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and we appreciate any of your feedback/comments/suggestions on our email