• August 18, 2021 3 min read

    With the busy lifestyles women live today, juggling endless tasks means many women find their outfits need to work with them to change from formal to comfortable, from work meeting to dinner with friends. And for that, we need to have a ‘go-to’ outfit we can just throw on without thinking. Here the shades of red come to the rescue. 

    And now let me tell you 5 reasons why you also should own at least one (maybe several) red dresses as part of your wardrobe. Trust me! Red goes with any occasion.

    1. Red Is The Ultimate Classic Colour

    A classic fashion colour never gets old. Taylor Swift in red looks as elegant as Marilyn Monroe looked in red back in her time. When you want to make a stand-out appearance, red works the hardest to make you stand out in the crowd.

    Red is a timeless colour, It will never go out of fashion. You buy your perfect  red dress once and you will repeat wearing it over and over again as your go-to! And girl this is why you need to pick a dazzling red outfit for you.

    2. It’s Great For All Seasons

    It's snowing? wear a red dress with a nice black coat and boots. You will look super stylish outdoors.

    It's scorching hot outside? Wear a red mini dress made of a light fabric. Let your hair loose in the summer breeze and style yourself with your favourite sunglasses and accessories. Your summer look is sure to turn heads!

    It's Autumn? Wear a stunning red maxi dress and look stylish all day long for any occasion. 

    3. Red Is The Colour Of Power

    Why do we often see the colour red used? Because it's the power colour. According to "Applied Colour Psychology research article named The influence of colour on emotion, heart rate, and performance in learning environments, states that red not only transforms our wardrobes, but also elevates our moods.

    Red asserts authority, calls to action, and shows confidence and a sense of style. Today women seek to wear red as a symbol of female empowerment and confidence.

    4. Red Gets You Noticed

    The colour red is equal parts sexy and romantic. So, red coloured dresses are guaranteed to make you stand out when you want to be seen! 

    Do you want to be noticed when you go to that networking event? 

    Well, a red dress will do just that!

    If you are going for a date or to a party, your perfect red dress should be your first option.

    Red has so many shades, You can mix and match to see which shade goes with you best. You can try bright shades of red or if you want to play it safe you can go with deeper shades.

    5. Red Brightens Up Your Day

    When it's all gloomy and cloudy and you need a mood booster to brave the day, wear a red dress! It will give you an extra jolt to get through the day. There's a reason why Santa wears red, right? 

    Red brings emotions of love, warmth, and affection with it. So whenever in doubt, throw on that red dress and amaze yourself. 

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    Let us know what your favourite ‘red dress look is in the comments.